Writing to make a Difference as a Christian Copywriter

Hi! My name is Virginia Grounds. I am a freelance writer dedicated to learning all I need to learn about you and your nonprofit or small business in order to write what will be most effective for your need. It is through research, relationship and product knowledge that passion evolves for the writing needed to accomplish your goal. But my primary inspiration comes through prayer as a Christian writer. Therefore my writing is written with inspiration, integrity and truth.  My passion is the study of God's Word. That is what drives me to write.

For 17 years I served with my husband in full time ministry. I wrote copy, grants, emails and fundraising letters for a nonprofit. In addition, I have authored a book, ghostwritten a book and have written and taught numerous Bible Studies. You can read samples of BLOG posts I have written on www.majesticinspirations.com

Copywriting to Inspire is a service of majesticinspirations.com offered to small nonprofits at greatly reduced writing fees. If this describes you, contact me at [email protected] to see how this works in a way you can afford.